Many homeowners spend months and months searching for the perfect house for them and their families. They go through the tedious process of securing financing, signing the contract and many think they are home free – yet, that is just the beginning of the journey! There are several mistakes you could make that may hinder the close process.

So, here’s a list of things not to do…

Number 1: Change your marital status.

Make sure that the lender and title company are aware of any changes in your marital status as this can affect who holds the title. The title explains who has rights to the house and more importantly who will be responsible for mortgage payments and other expenses.

Number 2: Change in job status.

Lenders and banks want to see stability in a person’s status and income. A job change may result in your loan being denied, many lenders call your employer to verify your position prior to funding the loan – even if you were pre-approved.

Number 3: Make late payments.

Making late payments of any kind , regardless of it’s a mortgage payment or a utility bill, can really damage your chances of getting your perfect home. Late payments can not only affect your score but they may make you ineligible for a loan with most lenders for at least a year – so watch out!

Number 4: Switch banks or move your money to another institution.

Transferring money may cause lenders to revisit your application, which could impact your loan approval. Once your lender has verified your funds at one or more institution they should remain there until they are needed for the purchase.

Number 5: Take on debt.

Adding extra expenses that you did not have at the time of your application calls into question your ability to pay your bills once your mortgage is added into the mix. The debt doesn’t even have to be something substantial , even small common purchases associated with a new home can be dangerous.